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An update from FCPD on the Megalosaur

13 February 2021

Megalosaur damage

Dear Friends,

We want to keep you updated with the way donations are being used to stabilise the Megalosaur head.

After DCMS accepted our offer of match funding, and allotted grant funds through Historic England, Bromley Council commissioned specialist sculpture conservation company Taylor Pearce to take on the work.

Taylor Pearce got straight on to the project, attended the site and figured out a plan. We are excited that cutting-edge technology will be used to restore the look and stabilise the head of our beloved 167 year old sculpture.

Using 3D scanning data from before and after the breakage, a prosthesis will be 3D printed or moulded and used to temporarily replace the missing front of Meg’s head. A stabilisation framework will be placed inside the sculpture to help support the prosthesis. The original fragments that we recovered from the site will be archived until we are able to secure funding for full conservation works for the whole sculpture. Using digital reassembly of the scanned broken fragments, we can confirm that we have essentially all the original pieces.

In the meantime, whilst working with other companies to develop the prosthesis, Taylor Pearce have ensured that the Megalosaur is protected from further weathering and dilapidation. The exposed armature was cleaned and treated for corrosion, then the damaged area wrapped with a breathable membrane. This is especially important during the recent freezing cold weather.

In order to illustrate the process taking place, our photogrammetry team have created a wonderful film for you, with a beautiful score written especially for the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. We will have further updates for you as the project progresses.

Thank you, as always, for your support,

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