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Open House 2020 at Crystal Palace Park

29 September 2020

Open House 2020 CP Dinos

This time of year Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs are usually busy with Heritage Open Days, running tours of Dinosaur island, setting up activities for children and hosting dino experts giving talks. Sadly this year we were unable to safely open our ‘doors’ to the public.

Happily the excellent Open House organised a short film series to bring many venues like the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs to as many people as possible:

“This year many buildings found themselves unable to open their doors to the public as in previous years. We decided that it was the perfect opportunity to bring them to more people than ever by creating short film tours presented by the experts that live and work in them. Since July, Open House has been shooting these short films in a spectacular range of locations including manor houses, embassies, public lidos and tower blocks, recreating the intimate behind the scenes experiences and anecdotes that make Open House building visits so memorable.” (Open House 2020)

Below are three videos showcasing attractions in Crystal Palace Park, including the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs (featuring our trustees Ellinor Michel and Sarah Slaughter) as well as our friends at the skate park and the bowl.

A huge thank you to Jim Stephenson for making the videos and to the London Borough of Bromley for funding them.

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Crystal Palace Skate Park

Crystal Palace Bowl

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