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Damage to the Dinosaurs

23 May 2020

Dinos Feb 2020

On Monday 18 May we were alerted by a member of the public to serious damage to the Megalosaur statue. We are working with Historic England, the London Borough of Bromley (owners), and the Metropolitan Police to investigate the cause of this damage.

On Friday 23 May we also discovered that the antlers of the Irish Elk have been damaged, potentially by recent strong winds.

We would like to reiterate that public access to the islands is prohibited. The Dinosaurs are Grade I listed and any intentional damage falls under the category of heritage crime, punishable by fines or incarceration.

The Dinosaurs and landscapes are on the national Heritage At Risk register. The sad damage over the past week highlights the importance for the statues to be conserved, as without active input they risk being lost forever. This would be a huge loss to Park users, and the global community of Crystal Palace Dinosaur lovers.

We are extremely grateful to the individual who promptly alerted us of the incident and would request that park users get in touch with us if they suspect any further damage has occurred to any of the sculptures.

If you have information on the event damaging the Megalosaur on Sunday night please report it to the Met Police on 101 referring to case reference 330949/20.

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