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Another update on the Megalosaur!

14 April 2021

AHS Meg White Light Scan

Dear Friends,

A lot has happened since February when we last wrote an update for you, and the ‘Dino Dentists’ are now on site for the final part of the project! Our short video gives an overview of the work onsite:

The broken pieces of the Megalosaur jaw were 3D scanned by a company called Architectural and Heritage Scanning using a white light scanner. This information was then processed by Taylor Pearce and used for creating the prosthesis.

This technology enables Taylor Pearce’s conservation team to ensure the Megalosaur appears complete, whilst Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs figure out what needs to be done to conserve the entire sculpture.

Once the 3D scanning work had been processed, discussions focused on the design requirements for the prosthesis. These took in considerations such as fixing points, weather resistance and water trapping, and structural integrity.

The design was sent to a company specialising in 3D printing, called Fluxaxis. They popped the information into their machine and left it to run over a few days, creating a brand new temporary jaw for the Megalosaur!

The prosthesis is essentially made out of plastic, using two types of material and printing processes: The main body of the prosthesis is made from ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) printed by FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling). The teeth are made from PA12 Nylon, printed by MFJ (multi jet fusion). It was too complicated to include the teeth in the main 3D print and so they will be slotted into the prosthesis.

The new prosthesis weighs just 12kg, which will replace around 120kg of historic Dino jaw parts! It will attach to the sculpture using metal hangers that will be attached to existing iron rods inside.

The Dino Dentist team aim to complete their work within the next two weeks, making sure the Megalosaur looks wonderful in time for the summer. The prosthesis will be painted to match the rest of the sculpture.

Please do keep following Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs on our socials for updates on our work. Support from the public will boost our efforts when seeking funds for the conservation work that the Dinosaurs desperately need.

Thank you, as always, for your support,

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