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Close-up of Iguanodon shows cracking up the whole side behind forelimb. May 2014.
Close-up of Iguanodon shows cracking up the whole side behind forelimb. May 2014.

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs is a UK group which promotes conservation, engagement, and research into the world famous statues in Crystal Palace Park.

The most important work we do focuses on conservation and restoration of the statues and the geological landscape in Crystal Palace Park. The site is a Grade 1-listed national heritage asset, so we work with local government, park rangers, and English Heritage to keep Crystal Palace Dinosaurs at the top of their heritage agenda. We count among our Friends professional conservation experts who know what to look for.

Dicynodon models
There’s more than dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park. These model dicynodonts are examples of some of the other statues. This photograph dates from 2005, after major restoration work. It shows the statues at their best, and it shows our target for the whole site.

We also help with engagement. This includes many different projects, including tours, public lectures, circulation of photographs, collection of stories and memories, and encouraging teachers to make use of the park in their curriculum.

Heritage is important to use, too. We work to collect stories and memories about the encounters people have with the dinosaurs. It could be a simple pass by on a summer day. Or, it could be a family ritual to bring the children, then grandchildren, then great-grand children to “see the dinosaurs”. There’s been romance, adventure, discovery, and even a little naughtiness associated with the statues. It’s all part of their history.

This site has been a part of London since it opened in 1854. We’re working to ensure it does more than just survive our generation. We want to ensure it thrives, so in a 100 years, Crystal Palace Park is still a site that fascinates and thrills.

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