Beak loss in pterodactyl

Falling apart

Crack in Iguanodon tail

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs supports conservation for the famous statues in Crystal Palace Park, including dinosaurs, other “antediluvian” beasts by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, and related displays. These statues, the “Crystal Palace dinosaurs,” are Grade 1 monuments in English Heritage’s National Heritage List.

Simply put, these statues are falling apart. Last conserved over a decade ago, they urgently need care.

Disintegrating tail of Teleosaurus

Much of the damage is caused by weather and erosion.

Disintegrating statigraphic column

Some of it comes from vandalism and laddish abuse.

Laddish behaviour

Whatever the cause, the solution is simple: professional, long-term conservation. This needs to be supervised by English Heritage. It needs to be fully supported by Bromley Council.

Beak loss in pterodactyl