Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Our ethics concerning fundraising

Our core values

What do we expect of our donors?

We expect our donors will:

  1. Demonstrate strong social responsibility and a commitment to local communities.
  2. Demonstrate a cultural fit with our outlook and beliefs: pro-science, pro-knowledge, pro-learning and open-minded discovery
  3. Show a commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation of living biodiversity.
  4. Be our ally in the war against the conservation threats to the dinosaurs (e.g.,‘The Seven Deadly Agents of Destruction’).
  5. Not request editorial control over our education or information resources

We will not accept funds:

  1. From sources incompatible with our mission.
  2. That require commitments beyond the purposes for which the funds were raised.
  3. In explicit exchange for commemoration or privileged access.

What do we expect of ourselves?

We hold ourselves to high standards as well:

  1. All requests for funds will be truthful. We will accurately describe our work and the intended uses of the donation.
  2. Donations will be used to support our mission, in line with the purposes for which they are solicited.
  3. We will operate by the highest legal and accounting standards. These will be transparent, and we will report regularly on our finances. We will promptly answer donor queries about use of their donations.
  4. Spending on fundraising and administration will be prudent and thrifty. We will make clear the percentage of income spent on raising funds and administration.
  5. We will respect the privacy of potential donors. Fundraisers will not be over-persistent. We will declare any conflicts of interest that may arise.
  6. We will consider major support on a case-by-case basis.

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, November 2015.