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If you’ve been following our campaign to conserve Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, you’ll know London Borough of Bromley recently ran a survey of public opinion about priorirties for improvements to the park.

The key question: if you could pick a few things to improve in the park, what would you choose?

Bromley has now officially announced the results (press release). What’s top of the list?

The dinosaurs.

You did it!

Hoorah! Thanks to everyone who contributed their views. As a message, this is loud-and-clear.

We’ve also had encouraging support from English Heritage, who have agreed the dinosaurs are vulnerable and declining – in need of attention. They’ve reported their views to Bromley. They’ve identified some specific things that need to be done quickly. They’ve also identified some deeper concerns that will need attention.

The net effect of these many voices – users of the park, the Friends, English Heritage, and other groups working in the park’s best interests – is a chorus singing one tune: everybody knows the dinosaurs are important; everybody wants them conserved.

And Bromley is responding positively.

With this new announcement, Bromley has agreed to help, and they are putting some much-needed money into the mix. This is a big step forward. “Conserving the dinosaur models” is now one of nine projects listed for action in the park.

What happens next?

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs have meet with Bromley and discussed the case with English Heritage. We’re moving forward. Experts are talking with experts about the best way to specify a professional conservation survey. The goal is a hard-nosed, hands-on careful study of the statues and the whole site. This will give us a plan for action.

At the same time, we’re proposing to Bromley some easy solutions to trespassing problems as well as a heritage project to collect stories and memories of family visits to the dinosaurs.

We’re also working with other groups trying to improve the park and its heritage. There’s a lot to enjoy in the park, and there are many conservation needs. Whether it’s the Crystal Palace Subway, or the sphynixes, or the terraces, or the green spaces, or the sports complex, or the bats, or the trees, or the loos, or the information centre. There’s something in Crystal Palace for everyone.

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