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You have a part to play in protecting the statues in Crystal Palace Park.

Access to the islands is restricted to park rangers, authorised visitors, and contractors. The best rule of thumb is to look for a ranger and an official Bromley vehicle. If you observe others on the island, or if you observe anyone climbing on or defacing the statues, here are several steps you might take:

  1. call park security
    (Telephone 0845 847 6180)
  2. contact the local Penge Community Police Station
    (Telephone: 0300 123 1212; open: Mon-Fri  11am-3.00pm and 4.00-7.00pm)
  3. in an emergency always dial 999

Consider photographing or videoing the behaviour, as below and here. This can be important for identifying people who have damaged park property and national heritage.

Laddish behaviour

Anyone climbing on the statues is trespassing. They’re risking charges to criminal damage because Grade 1 listed monuments are protected under law.

Everyone wants others to enjoy the park and to enjoy these lovely statues. However, they’re delicate. Preservation in the long term requires us to keep at a distance. This is the best strategy for preserving them for future generations.

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