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Vandalism is a regular problem in Crystal Palace Park. The statues are not spared. Trespassing normally comes in the form of bravado displays.

Eric Boardman’s YouTube video, with him paddling in the tidal lake, shows a typical example. He laughs as he crashes into a Plesiosaurus statue. That statue shows cracks on its side. Related? This is no accidental passing by from a causal boater. The water here is separated from the boating lake by dams and other barriers. Someone must have physically lifted that boat into this pool of water.

This young man was working hard to impress a girl. Those statues were not designed to take this weight. It would be impossible to replace the Iguanodon if it collapsed.

This young man climbed the Iguanodon on 2013 August 12. Seen firsthand.

These young men were doing the same, whilst their friend hides behind the Hylaeosaurus.

These young men climbed the Iguanodon on 2013 August 12. Their friend hid behind the Hylaeosaurus, knowing that her friends we doing something wrong. Seen firsthand.

Here, a couple seeks an isolated spot to share a spliff (judged from the smell).

A couple sneak onto Secondary Island to share a spliff. It's a dry day, and the fire risk is high. To get to this spot, the couple walked along the barrier of the tidal lake, clearly ignoring "no trespass" signs. See firsthand.


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