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Crystal Palace Dinosaur Day offers loads of fun and interest for everyone, from kids to adults, as part of the national Heritage Open Days on Saturday 9 September.

Come enjoy:

  • Behind-the-scenes conservation tours – on the Dinosaur Islands by FCPD conservation team and conservators who did recent works. FREE – but with limited admission by advance tickets.
  • Talks by specialists for anyone who is interested – in the Information Centre
    • Digitising a Dinosaur 11am – Join conservator India Carpenter to find out more about the conservation and monitoring of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. Using the Standing Iguanodon in Crystal Palace Park as a case study, this talk demonstrates how photogrammetry and 3D digitisation can be used to map and monitor the deterioration of 3D cultural heritage.
    • ‘But I don’t want them to have feathers!’ – Why we like our dinosaurs a bit wrong 12 noonFrom the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs to Jurassic Park, the popular image of dinosaurs has always been a bit wrong. Why is it that we find it so hard to accept that dinosaurs might have looked very different from how we think about them? Helena Stroud, FCPD Trustee, casts a critical eye over dinosaurs through time.
    • Extinct Mammals of Crystal Palace: Then and Now  2pm
      Dr Pip Brewer, Senior Curator of Fossil Mammals, Natural History Museum, will consider some of the fossil mammal discoveries made in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries and the choice of specimens for Crystal Palace Park. Come and find out what we know now about these extinct beasts.
  • Short films and photos on CP Dinos – on show in the Information Centre, in between talks
  • Drawing workshops for ages 5 and up – near the Giant Sloth at the Dinos, by David Vallade
  • Build-a-Mammoth for ages 5 and up – Add another Ice Age mammal to the CP Dino assemblage with Lucy Hopkins and the Friends of CP Park, by making an extinct proboscidean (elephant) out of water bottles
  • Artwork about the CP Dinos by local artists

Make it a full CP Park weekend, and join the Friends of CP Subway for their Open Day on Sunday!

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