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Visit Crystal Palace

Visit Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is one of the largest green spaces in south London. It is open to the public and served by many transportation services. The park is maintained by Bromley […]

Dinner in the Iguanodon

Dinner in the Iguanodon

Everyone knows about the dinner in the Iguanodon. Not everyone knows it was held on New Year’s Eve before the park opened.The dinner was help on 31 December 1853. The anniversary […]



Many sources are useful in studying the statues at Crystal Palace Park. These are a few of the most direct. If you find something new, publish it. This June 2013 […]

Friends of CP Dinosaurs

Friends of CP Dinosaurs

What are we trying to do? Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs has simple aims: promote long-term conservation of the dinosaurs and raise funds in support of this aim encourage research, […]


Recent Articles

  • Gideon Mantell’s 1851 Petrifactions and their teachings

    Gideon Mantell’s 1851 Petrifactions and their teachings

      We came across this FREE pdf: Mantell, Gideon. 1851. Petrifactions and their teachings, or, A hand-book to the gallery of organic remains of the British Museum Think of this as […]

  • Trespassing puts statues at risk

    Trespassing puts statues at risk

    Vandalism is a regular problem in Crystal Palace Park. The statues are not spared. Trespassing normally comes in the form of bravado displays. Eric Boardman’s YouTube video, with him paddling in the […]

  • Videos are an important way to show how people enjoy the famous statues.

    Everyone loves Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

    YouTube is a splendid source of data for anyone interested in the Waterhouse Hawkins statues. Several caught our eyes as worthy of special highlighting. Whether to your personal taste or not, […]

  • Recent conservation of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

    Recent conservation of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

    Conservation is steady work. Things break. Things weather. Things get knocked about both by accident and by carelessness. Even when things are made to last, it can be hard work […]

  • Falling apart

    Falling apart

    Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs supports conservation for the famous statues in Crystal Palace Park, including dinosaurs, other “antediluvian” beasts by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, and related displays. These statues, the […]


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