What are “Crystal Palace Dinosaurs”?

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs are a collection of over 30 statues created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins (1807-1894) in the years around 1854. This set includes the first ever attempt anywhere in the world… Continue reading


Who are Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs?

Crystal Palace Park, in south London, is home to an extraordinary collection of statues depicting dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. These were built in the 1850s by the sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins…. Continue reading


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  • Vandals strike Paleotherium

    Vandals strike Paleotherium

    Vandals have struck the statues in Crystal Palace Park. This time they’ve pulled off the head from one of the Paleotherium statues and threw it into the lake. (There are… Continue reading

  • My Day Trip to Dinosaur Island

    My Day Trip to Dinosaur Island

    Or: A Child of Ray Harryhausen Encounters His Dream Creatures by Chris Aldous (Chris is a creative consultant via www.goodpilot.co.uk. For example, he created www.ghostsofgonebirds.com. Chris is a member of the FCPD… Continue reading

  • We need your help! Survey about the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

    We need your help! Survey about the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

    Have you been to see the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs recently? Did you notice any damage? Please help the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs by filling in a brief survey about the… Continue reading

  • Dinosaur Doctors!

    Dinosaur Doctors!

    Dinosaur Doctors! is a short family-oriented performance on Dinosaur Island in Crystal Palace Park, highlighting the unique history of the Dinosaurs and the need to conserve them. Devised by the… Continue reading